Be Driven In Luxury And Arrive In Style

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It’s a not a simple task. Nor is it quick, straightforward or cheap. Most people know all that. But when I recently planned my wedding I didn’t realise how many little things were needed to complete the day. Things like table arrangements, memory books, gifts for the guests and of course the transport, all kind of slipped my mind a little. The limos were quite a big deal to me. Not the most important aspect of the day, of course, but they were going to be in the photos and we wanted to find something luxurious, stylish, comfortable and well kept. was recommended to me by my maid of honour and we were not disappointed. The cars that are available range from 6 seat LTDs to 12 seat Pink Hummers. The website shows all the vehicles available and it makes the entire process so much easier. Especially when you’re short on time!

For limousine hire in Melbourne, I wouldn’t really bother going anywhere else. Stop wasting your precious planning time, because I have done the hard work for you ladies and gents out there!

The quality of the cars was superb, the driver was actually early, and more than happy to wait while the bridal party was later than fashionable. The cars also came out looking beautiful in the photographs too, which was lovely.

Melbourne limo hire is a competitive game, for sure, the amount of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special events that go on every week here in Melbourne, has encouraged more and more limo companies to pop up. However I just couldn’t fault this company and will not hesitate to both recommend them to others, and use them for my next special occasion.

Share with me any tips or tricks for the big day or planning of. And let us know if you have used this company or have another one you recommend. I’d love to hear all about it and I’m sure others in the same position I was in, would love to hear about experiences or advice.

Rugs Make For A Long Lasting Wedding Gift

Rug stores wouldn’t be the first place someone would search for wedding gifts, but I thought I would share my experience. I recently had my wedding day and received some beautiful gifts that were a total surprise to us, as we hadn’t set up a gift registry anywhere. One of the more unique gits we received was a rug.

Now many people would find this strange, however we absolutely love it. We were thrilled with their choice (but they had made sure we could exchange it if we didn’t love it) and we love the fact we see and use it every single day. It is a long lasting gift that we will have in years and years to come and we will always be reminded of our special wedding day and the gorgeous friends who gave it to us.

I think I will be looking into rugs for the next wedding gift I need to buy. And I will not be looking anywhere but the affordable and high quality rugs as I wouldn’t want to just buy something plane and cheap, it has to fit the part of the couple’s house.

Creating Memories for Life

Want to make your party or event fun and exciting? Well, there is no better way than a photo booth hire. Allow your guests to enter the booth with their partners, friends, kids or groups and have a number of comical images. In fact, it is a great way to capture some special moments of your guests and make the event special. Above all, you can use the photo booth to capture images and keep it with you and that you can present to your guests. There is no doubt, photo booths are an excellent way to keep the guests entertained.

Coming to the variety, there are a number of options when it comes to photo booth hire Sydney. However, you need to make sure it goes well with your requirement. For instance, if you have kids party at home, you can easily go for the smaller booths. Again, if you have some other party or events like a wedding, you can try out bigger booths. In fact, there are some booths which can hold up to eight people together. So, you can use these to click group photos.

When picking up the right service, you also have the option of choosing between black and white images and coloured images. This is definitely an important aspect as it can make the experience extremely appealing. You can also decide on the number of copies of images it will produce.

Putting in more time and effort to select the right photo booth hire service will give you the best result. There are some services which might include trained experts who will remain with the equipment throughout the party. Above all, photo booths help create memories that your guests will cherish for a real long time. In fact, it will create one of a kind memories that are fun and exciting.

Refresh & Beautify Yourself For Your Big Day By The Bay

In preparation for my wedding, I obviously wanted complete beauty care from head to toe. I found this beautiful day spa in Double Bay, that did everything from beautiful massages and facials to waxing in Sydney.

I indulged in a facial treatment and got all my waxing done there too, and I was so happy I did. The service couldn’t be faulted, the ladies were friendly, professional and experienced. The salon was beautiful and clean and the time I spent there was so peaceful and lovely. The waxing was professionally done and the ladies were very precise.

What a beautiful day spa in Double bay, the perfect spot for all your beauty needs for a wedding, or not, I would highly recommend this day spa for a group of friends, a couple or just for yourself.

Moving homes? Plan ahead and get yourself a bond loan

My year up north in Townsville was coming to an end, and it was almost time to move back down south to Brisbane. I’d been north for work for the past 12 months and I’d ended the lease on my apartment back home as I couldn’t really afford to pay for it while I was gone.

The apartment wasn’t available by the time it came for my return, so I started looking for a new apartment that would be ready when I moved back. I found something that was perfect – right in town, quite a modern place, and lots of space. Unfortunately, I was still about a month off from receiving my final pay cheque but the landlord needed the bond a lot quicker than that. I either paid it straight away, or let it go to another applicant. I didn’t have that much money in my account – I’m talking $4,000 – so I applied for a bond loan.

As I’m sure you can guess, companies do specialise in short term bond loans designed specifically to cover the costs of moving into a new apartment or rental. I applied online in the evening and by the next morning the money was in my account. I transferred the money to my now new landlord straight away and secured a great little apartment. Now it’s ready for when I move back to Brisbane and I can start paying the loan off as soon as the money starts coming in again!