Moving homes? Plan ahead and get yourself a bond loan

My year up north in Townsville was coming to an end, and it was almost time to move back down south to Brisbane. I’d been north for work for the past 12 months and I’d ended the lease on my apartment back home as I couldn’t really afford to pay for it while I was gone.

The apartment wasn’t available by the time it came for my return, so I started looking for a new apartment that would be ready when I moved back. I found something that was perfect – right in town, quite a modern place, and lots of space. Unfortunately, I was still about a month off from receiving my final pay cheque but the landlord needed the bond a lot quicker than that. I either paid it straight away, or let it go to another applicant. I didn’t have that much money in my account – I’m talking $4,000 – so I applied for a bond loan.

As I’m sure you can guess, companies do specialise in short term bond loans designed specifically to cover the costs of moving into a new apartment or rental. I applied online in the evening and by the next morning the money was in my account. I transferred the money to my now new landlord straight away and secured a great little apartment. Now it’s ready for when I move back to Brisbane and I can start paying the loan off as soon as the money starts coming in again!

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