Rugs Make For A Long Lasting Wedding Gift

Rug stores wouldn’t be the first place someone would search for wedding gifts, but I thought I would share my experience. I recently had my wedding day and received some beautiful gifts that were a total surprise to us, as we hadn’t set up a gift registry anywhere. One of the more unique gits we received was a rug.

Now many people would find this strange, however we absolutely love it. We were thrilled with their choice (but they had made sure we could exchange it if we didn’t love it) and we love the fact we see and use it every single day. It is a long lasting gift that we will have in years and years to come and we will always be reminded of our special wedding day and the gorgeous friends who gave it to us.

I think I will be looking into rugs for the next wedding gift I need to buy. And I will not be looking anywhere but the affordable and high quality rugs as I wouldn’t want to just buy something plane and cheap, it has to fit the part of the couple’s house.

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